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The Upleveled Entrepreneur Podcast

May 24, 2021

Join Andrea and Michael Sherlock in this episode, where they talk about Shock(ing) Your Potential! Michael is passionate about creating productive and profitable workplaces by helping individuals and businesses unlock their potential. Most people know they have it—it’s just that they don’t have that certain push to get there fully! Stay tuned as she shares how her entrepreneurial journey has impacted others.


Here are the things to expect in this episode:

  • What’s the story behind Shock Your Potential?
  • The value of having a brand identity that leaves an impression on people.
  • Growth in business requires acknowledging when you’re not doing great.
  • Having a system where you could capture your ideas.
  • What is the value of keeping your brain active?
  • Setting boundaries—the secret to work-life balance!
  • And many more!



About Michael Sherlock:


Don’t be fooled by the name, the hair color, or crazy shoes. Michael Sherlock is serious about business. She is dedicated to creating positive, productive, and profitable workplaces, and helping individuals, and businesses unlock their ultimate potential.


Before launching her global training company, Shock Your Potential, Michael was Vice President of US Sales for two multi-national medical device companies, responsible for net revenue exceeding $75 million and as many as 500 employees at a time.  In 2020 she released the Shock Your Potential App, an on-demand training tool for leadership and sales professionals, and was chosen as #12 of the Top Female Entrepreneurs to Watch in 2021 by



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