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The Upleveled Entrepreneur Podcast

Dec 27, 2021

Join Andrea and her guest, Philip Van Nostrand, in this conversation about finding the freedom to do whatever you want outside societal norms. In this episode, Philip shares how he shifted from teaching to pursuing photography full-time. How did he make it work? What does it mean to live a truly epic freelance life? Stay tuned!

Here are the things to expect in this episode:

  • You don’t necessarily have to be tied to a job to do whatever you want!
  • Designing your life around your values versus the other way around. What does this mean?
  • The value of expanding your network.
  • Having conversations with other people in your profession.
  • Success is often found in taking big risks.
  • And much more!

About Philip Van Nostrand:

Phillip Van Nostrand is a photographer and coach based out of New York City. Phil has worked for over thirteen years in the wedding industry and photographs luxury travel and hospitality as well. Phil is an expert in capturing bright, cinematic lifestyle imagery. He travels abroad somewhere new at least once a year and has photographed 40+ countries. His podcast, The Epic Freelance Life is available on Apple.

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